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Everything You Need To Know About Hepcdac 60mg Tablets

Posted by Admin on June, 30, 2022

Due to the emerging upsurge of numerous diseases, it’s important to take proper care of your health. No matter what your age is or what lifestyle you maintain, viral diseases can attack you at any stage of your life. Viral ailments can be life-threatening since they are highly contagious and can cause serious harm to your health.

Viral ailments are nothing but intense infections that are caused by certain viruses, a type of microorganisms. There are multiple viruses that can cause different problems in the human body among which cold and fever are the most common type. Though most viral infections are common and can be cured with simple medicines, some of them can be extremely harmful to some specific organs of our body.

Among such viruses that can particularly injure an organ of the human body, the HCV virus is a noteworthy one. HCV or Hepatitis C Virus is a special sort of virus that can attack the human liver by creating severe inflammation or infections. The infection can be circulated widely in the entire body when the virus infiltrates the bloodstream.

Though there are many effective ways available to prevent the spread of the HCV virus in human blood circulation, certain medications are believed to be the best for treating this disease. Hepcdac 60mg Tablets is certainly one among the effective medicines that can notably prevent the growth of the HCV virus at an early stage.

Hepcdac 60mg tablet is a special category of medicine that is utilized in a combination with ribavirin or sofosbuvir to treat the chronic infection of Hepatitis C among adults. Though this medicine can not function as a preventive drug for the ailment Hepatitis C, it can be used to treat the existing infection of Hepatitis C among humans.

Hepcdac 60mg tablet is a proven solution to treat Hepatitis C and therefore is used extensively in the medical sector. Here in this article, we would discuss the major facts about this medication including its composition, uses, side effects and alternative options.

Composition of Hepcdac 60mg Tablets

As we cited before that Hepcdac 60mg Tablets are used to treat the spread of Hepatitis C. When it comes to the issue of the composition of this medicine, Hepcdac 60mg Tablets are formulated with Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride 60mg which is a known antiviral for treating the HCV virus.

Along with Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride, Ferric Oxide USP-NF Yellow and Titanium Dioxide IP are used to manufacture this medicine. Though there are numerous renowned brands that manufacture this medication, it’s always suggested to select the best reputable Hepcdac 60mg Tablets manufacturers to purchase this medicine.

Methods of Hepcdac 60mg Tablets Usage

Since Hepcdac 60mg Tablets is an anti-viral drug to treat Hepatitis C, it’s important to inform the doctor first. The dosage of this medication should be completely decided by the physician depending on the age, prevailing medical history, current situation, and the severity of the disease.

Apart from all these factors, it’s crucial to inform about any existing history of allergic reactions or any other sensitivities. But the general dosage of Hepcdac Tablets to treat Hepatitis C is 60mg. The tablet should be taken orally with water once in a whole day generally after a meal.

Hepcdac 60mg Tablet is generally suggested to take with either sofosbuvir or ribavirin in terms of the stringency of the disease. If the HCV virus includes genotype-3 along with cirrhosis, it’s recommended to take the medicine with sofosbuvir for 12 weeks.

But in case the patient includes genotype-3 HCV infection in post-liver transplantation or genotype-3 infection with compensated cirrhosis, then it’s suggested to take Hepcdac 60mg Tablet along with both sofosbuvir and ribavirin for the duration of 12 weeks. If any dose of this medicine would get missed, it’s always advisable to inform the doctor first.

Side Effects of Hepcdac 60mg Tablets Usage

Though Hepcdac 60mg Tablet is extremely beneficial for treating Hepatitis C, this medication includes some serious side effects too. It’s vital to know all the side effects well before the usage of this medicine to avoid any complications.

  • The first major side effect of using Hepcdac 60mg Tablet is a headache. Studies proved that regular consumption of this medicine can increase headaches and migraines.
  • Another notable complication of this medication is nausea and vomiting. Though these symptoms do not mandatorily appear in every patient but can occur in most of them.
  • Those who regularly take this medicine can experience excessive drowsiness and sleep disturbances.
  • Minor chest pain or a slight clumsiness in the chest is another symptom of this medicine. This symptom gets severe if you experience shortness of breath, any sort of mental confusion or unconsciousness.
  • Severe skin rashes or infections and anemia is the two major intense side effects of taking Hepcdac 60mg Tablet regularly.

Substitutes of Hepcdac 60mg Tablet

Below are some of the common substitutes for Hepcdac 60mg Tablet that can be used in replacement of it. But again, it’s always advisable to ask your physician first.

  • Dacihep 60mg Tablet
  • MyDekla 60 Tablet
  • MyDacla 60 Tablet
  • Delacruz 60mg Tablet
  • HepCfix 60mg Tablet

So these are some of the major facts about Hepcdac 60mg Tablet that may help you to know about it precisely. If you find our article helpful, do not forget to mention it in our comment box.

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